Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fitness Tips - Make your Diwali Happy and Healthy

Sweets and festivals go by hand in hand and when it comes to Indian festival the first festival came in mind is the Diwali the great festival of India last year I visited India in the season of Diwali I remember there is lots of sweets along with kinds of rich dishes.It is the festival of sharing happiness and calories too. Diwali is the festival in which you can consume whole years calories. I will suggest you to keep your test in control otherwise all your weight loss strategy will be wasted. Here are some fitness tips for healthy and happy Diwali.image
  • Drink lots of water in this Diwali not only in Diwali you have to take more water in every day it will keep you hydrated and will help for weight loss.
  • Eat vegetables and fresh fruits it will keep you full vegetables contains lots of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants. Eat sweet at the time of break fast in the morning the metabolism rate of our body is high so you can digest easily. Salads and soups also best option. 
  • Make time for exercise at least for 30 minutes you can walk, dance or yoga. Don’t forget to do exercise Diwali is not only season of celebration but you have to take care of your self. image
    • Take light dinner your whole day will spend in eating sweets with relatives, friends at their home avoid it but if force take small portion and take light dinner.
    • Take honey to make sweets. If you are making sweets yourself, use low fat ingredients like low fat milk and other dairy products. Avoid using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, unless very much required.
    Make your Diwali happy and healthy. The Healthy smile on everyone’s face will surely light your Diwali.


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