Tuesday, 14 August 2012

#poem #independence day #freedom #free verse #poetry

August, Fifteenth.
Soon there will be a day when hearts soar with pride
Like the urchin’s kite-of-three-colours that today
High above these one billion tenements. 
Soon, there will be a different feeling
Of an unadulterated something, 
Seeping out from our bones and skin, giving us
A high; 
Dogs barking at 6AM, to the tune 
Of uninspiring speeches telecast nation-wide, 
Will not stop us from falling into our own skies
With glow-in-the-dark glory, with translucent jellyfish-joy.
Firefly flight and fire-lit eyes, will no longer mean
Heavy hearts remembering only toil and sacrifice.
Poignancy of emotion as we hear the Anthem of Us,
Is then replaced by a full heart— I mean full, with a smile


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