Monday, 13 August 2012

Heartbreaks !

It may be one of the hardest things in life that you have to face but hey, that’s reality. You might be not be the one getting your heart ripped out this time but everyone will have to experience it at least once in their life. It’s never easy for the one being dumped. You’re constantly blaming yourself, losing your patience, hating the world, and crying your heart out. The heartbreaker gets to say “We can still be friends” but we all know that it is just to make that person feel better about breaking up. It’s a way so he/she don’t feel as bad. As we all know, most relationships don’t end on good terms. There will always be one person caring more than the other after it is over and one moving on faster than the other. Many of these feelings are inevitable and there’s not one reason to explain it all. Feelings change over time and so do people. If feelings retained itself, there would be a world full of happy people and no broken hearts. There will be times where you feel like the best option to do is say goodbye to the world because life is so hard on you at the moment. But you’ll realize a year or two later when you decided to stay, that it is all worth it because you’ll always meet someone better or better yet, that person might come back to your life one day but you will never know if you have said goodbye already. The fact is that these things happen and we will never have a lucid reason why but it isn’t worth risking your entire future ahead of you. You will meet the one.


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