Monday, 4 June 2012

My thoughts on love, a piece of writing I did last year.

Upon cerebration I have come to believe it deleterious.A bellicose of emotion,belie the media.A mendacious way to swindle ones psyche.Fiduciary of the heart is never something to take lightly.At a vernal age we taught rumination of such matters.Lugubrious often are those whom endeavour on the path to seeking an idealised individual.Those who have not found love often seem jejune,besotted with romance.
Love is diverse and signifies something incomprehensible. 
Although my thoughts may seem vexed and supercilious,I can assure you one thing.Even my mind divagates to this most intriguing of subjects.I can and will ultimately find love in my own time.And with that I leave you this popular phrase.
                                    Illis quos amo deserviam
                                  “For those I love I will sacrifice”

written by : Pint Siezd


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