Monday, 25 June 2012

Are you happy?

You see things as what they actually are. The melody of the birds singing as you listen to the beating of your heart responsive. The calmness of the morning breeze along with the leaves falling off from a tall tree as you feel the rhythm of your breathing in normalcy. The homeostatic feel of your body wanting to look into things with a positive approach and the growing sense of enthusiasm over what is forging ahead as you embrace the start of a new and blissful day. The waking up smell from a freshly brewed coffee and the sweet scented charm of pure white roses emanating through the window from your recently cleaned garden. The music coming from an old radio and some good news from a newly delivered newspaper. And as you welcome the feel of the sunshine rays, you walk with a sense of high knowing you’re going to make the most of what this day will have to offer. The sound of the cars honking, the beautiful look of the clouds and the constant feel of the wind breezing. You see people pass you by, hundreds of them, all going to their own sets of destinations. The woman with a lovely dress, the stranger you’ve flashed your eyes with and the old woman you have seen cross the pedestrian lane. You see things with keen observation. The loud tick of the clock and every second passing by. Time is constantly flowing and people chase each other along the way. Kids play in the park with happy faces on and couples walk on random streets with spaces between their fingers interlocked into each other. It is a beautiful sight from a beautiful day. People constantly grinning and moments tied through every single time. You feel the bliss but you’re wondering. And at the end of the day, despite the hundreds of strangers you met along the way, the fading view of the daytime sky and as you seek through the realms of your empty room and shut off your eyes through the echoing silence of the evening time, you ask yourself a question so painful you do not know how in god’s name you’re going to find a reason why, - Are you happy?

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