Thursday, 10 May 2012

you never have the need to be lonely, because the person that loves you most...

Dear ….,
What else can I say, distance and separation does not lessen any love that I have. Your beauty and imagine remain untouched and undisturbed. Every night dreams filled with your presence. Falling asleep is hard to do when you miss someone so much, yet you really want to because you cannot wait to see this person, even if it is just in a dream. Dreams filled with love, hugs, kisses, smiles, the best kind. Your fingers roll over mine, and then we hold hands, the feeling so real I just know I’m smiling in my sleep. The touch of your skin, soft; how could a dream feel so real. The best part your beauty. Your eyes and the look that you give me, memories flash through them. Your lips curve up and produce a smile, while my heart burns I know it just lights up too. No one can break me and yet make me feel so alive. Nothing can change how I feel, nothing can change who I am, loving you is part of who I am. I will always hold on, at times it may be with one finger but I know when I’m about to slip you will throw me another life line. In all this confusion I can still see clearly, my feelings are clear, if not they are more clear. How strong we are, how strong you must be to take this all in and still remain so beautiful and strong. I knew if I saw you I would just stop and stare. No words would leave my lips, yet my heart would be screaming I love you. I would want to do so many things, cry out your name, grab you and just carry you away, be able to look in your eyes and without a word knowing nothing has really changed. I’d do anything to see that smile, a smile that can lighten any ones day and I know it would just stop my heart. I will wait and I will always keep you in my heart and be ready, because there is no one else as beautiful as you, as lovely as you, as amazing as you, as lovable as you, and there is no one else I would ever want to love but you. My heart has your name engraved in it and all the cracks are mended by the thoughts of your beauty. You are my disease, you are my cure. You are my life. I am living without a life, but I know that one day, one day my life will return and it’ll be brighter and more lovable than ever. I will always be waiting to have you back, and I will always doing anything.
You are beautiful so smile
You can have anyone, so be happy
You have someone who will always love you no matter what
So remember you never have the need to be lonely, because the person that loves you most, the person who is writing this letter, the person who has you in his heart. Me…I will always be waiting for you.



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