Friday, 18 May 2012

You know what's sweet?

It’s when:
  • He tries to make you smile after you have cried
  • He waits for long minutes just to see you
  • He calls you at night because he just want to hear your voice
  • He hugs you from behind
  • He tells you he loves you more than any other girls in the world
  • He let his parents meet you
  • He’s proud that you’re his girlfriend
  • He sends you random unexpected sweet messages
  • He makes time even if he’s busy
  • He cries for you
  • He let his friends meet you
  • He sings your favorite song
  • He drapes his arm around your shoulder
  • He leans on your shoulder like a lovesick puppy
  • He treats you as his best friend, sister, and mother at the same time
  • He respects you
  • He sees you as someone so precious that shouldn’t be hurt for even once
  • He plans his future with you
  • He sees you as his wife
Guys like this are very rare. You couldn’t find those guys easily. Oftentimes you have to go through a lot of wrong frogs to find your true prince. So once you found that guy, keep him. You deserve to be loved the way he does. You’re lucky.


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