Saturday, 12 May 2012

To my one & only amazing mother,

I am beyond thankful for being blessed with such an amazing mother like you. I am in awe of how much strength and courage my mama has. I can’t imagine how much sacrifices she has taken since the days I was still inside her womb up to now. My mama isn’t a perfect person but she is definitely more than enough and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. I know that she tries her best to always do what’s best for me and provide me with what I need. All these years, I know her arms will always be one of the safest places I run to. Her lips will always utter comforting words to keep me going. Her touch will always be as gentle as ever. Her hugs and kisses will always be irreplaceable. I love how she still makes me feel that I’m still her little baby in a good way. She always believes in me even at times wherein I don’t even believe in myself. Despite being very far from what a perfect son is, she never gave up on me. She doesn’t only act as my mother but also my best friend. She makes me feel better and tries to cheer me up whenever I’m down. She forgives me despite the countless faults I have committed. She cooks delicious food to fill my tummy. She makes me laugh by her witty sense of humor. She bonds with me over simple things like watching tv series til dawn. She lectures and reprimands me to help me become a better person. She comfortably tells me stories. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. I honestly have so many things to thank her for but above all, I want to thank her for being my Mom, my best friend, and my avid fan. 


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