Monday, 7 May 2012

satyamev jayate aamir khan

I have just watched the first episode of Satyamev Jayate. I am so surprised and I am still teary after watching the episode. I cried so much, and i felt so bad for those women who have gone through this. It just hurt so bad to just sit here listening to what is happening in a country we all have such a common love for. Why is this happening? Why can’t people see the beauty in a women, in a child, in a beautiful little girl? How can people just kill a life, a soul, a heart just by their own hands? Why don’t people see the difference between good or bad? How can’t people not see the blood in their hands which is creating their life? Every child, every women, every girl, every soul who goes to this gets a scar. A scar for life, which never leaves them. How can you fix a leaf when you have just toured it with your own hands?
Coming to Aamir. I am just so happy. I have always loved this man. He never fails to surprise. Everytime he comes up with something, it’s a bang! The warmth in his words, and the way the show started was so good. He himself were crying on the show when he heard about what the women have gone through. And most of all: I was glad he told about the reason why a women gets pregnant with a girl and not a boy. It’s the men’s sperm which decides if it’s going to be a boy or a girl. I have always knewn this, but today i am so happy that more people will know about it.

Thank you for raising awareness, Aamir. I am eagerly waiting for your next episode.


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