Thursday, 10 May 2012

The perfect love letter

My Dear Celine,

One day, I will disappear completely. The letters will mean nothing. The world will get tired of me. You will get tired of me. I will get tired of myself, and I…and I will never get tired of you. For you..there will be NO endings. I will say your name over and over like a refrain. My prayer to no one. then I’ll be a flower, the one you’ll never pick and will endure the breathless waiting until boundaries disappear.
With nothing to do, I make new constellations images of you as I remember. Dancing, sitting, walking. There are stars from a different view, but still I see nothing but you. Unfurling like a flower, swiveling like a leaf. I once watched you sleep beside me. It was dark then, but the darkness is deeper now. Tonight in my dreams I will see you. My lady, clothed only in light.

Like a kite, I’ve given myself up to the wind. I made friends with the sun. Confuse the birds with strange and distant voyages, but it is you that ties the thread and holds me down. Like a kite, I will forever hold your hand and with a burning human longing in your hands, I surrender.

Celine reading “I will never get tired of you..”
JB: For you there will be NO endings.
Celine reading “I will say your name over and over..”
JB: Celine…Celine…like a refrain a prayer to no one.
Celine reading “you know i will never get far and there is no need for my return.
JB: only travelers leave. I’ve never been a traveler. For I have never left. I am lost, simply wanting to be in a place that i’ve never been and will never be. Of all destinations I long to be lost in the fields of your hair. Lost among your thoughts as you are already in mine.
Celine reading “You are my will to live.”
JB: My life started when I loved you and that’s how I want it to end.

Yours Forever,

*Guest Post


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