Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My philosophy on life:

  1. People come and go, but the ones who stay are worth it. If people cared-they would make an effort, if they don’t-they’re not worth yours
  2. Money isn’t everything. You might think that it is-but it isn’t. You see, money is a need-it’s a necessity-but it can never, ever become a want
  3. I used to hear people tell me, “Do what makes you happy.” And growing up in an Asian family, I thought that was bullsh*t—it isn’t. Do whatever you want-but pursue it. Because when you do success will follow. You cannot expect to be good at something and be happy when you only look for the rewards
  4. If you don’t love yourself-you’re not ready to fall for someone else
  5. Everyone has flaws. Accept that-no one is perfect
  6. And just respect everyone-don’t ever judge someone based on how they look, cause that’s just plain wrong


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