Saturday, 12 May 2012

happy mothers day quotes

When was the last time that I thanked you for being so wonderful to me?
Actually, I didn’t remember.
It’s crazy. I never forget to thank my friends for being there when I need them, when all my life, it’s really YOU who was there when I needed someone to understand me.
I’ve never realized that you’ve been there through all the years…watching me, guiding me, and reminding me that I am NOT alone…and I will never be.
I know you didn’t really ask God to have a child like me, and if you ever had a choice, you would have chosen a child who’s better than I was. 
I’m sorry mom, I really am. But no matter how stupid or bad I may become, I want you to know that I will always end up thanking you, because you’re so special, and indeed a one-of-a-kind woman to all. Your love never fails to ease me whenever my life becomes confusing, Your sweet smile cheers me up when my day becomes bad, You simply stop me from crying with just a warmth of your embrace, your care simply cures all my pain away, and abruptly leads me back to where I called ‘home’.
Mom, you’re a super, and what you have gone through as a mother would never be easy, and it wouldn’t be to anyone else. You are the toughest woman I’ve ever known, a heroine, and truly a mighty one.
So, I salute you for being the greatest person of all. For the undying love, patience and care that you give me everyday. I know it’s really tough, but you can handle them all amazingly. 

I’m so proud of you, and I’ll always be. I love you :*
Happy Mothers day to all mothers out here. Thank you for showing us a brighter world with the light of your love :*


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