Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Happily Never After?

We all want the fairytale ending “happily ever after” but sometimes it’s hard to stay positive and believe that it will one day happen. 

Why is it that we aspire to obtain this cliché? Is it the fear of being forever alone? Or have we been brainwashed into thinking that this is the only way of true happiness in life?

From a young age we are read fairytales that are designed to teach us about good morals in life.  For example:
•          It’s what’s on the inside that counts- Beauty and the Beast
•          Good things come to hard working people- Cinderella
•          Being yourself is what’s important- The Little Mermaid

I myself am a huge Disney fan and advocate and believe that these stories instill good values in children when these values are properly explained to children by their parents.  However they all have the same ending- “and they lived happily ever after. The end.” By constantly being told that by having these various good morals and qualities you can find your “prince charming” and live happily together for the rest of your life we begin to, subconsciously, believe it and make this our standard expectation in life.

It is not only fairytales that portray this message but a vast majority of Hollywood films.  The reason why people have positive responses to these films is because this is what they wish for themselves in life and by watching these films they are reminded that it could, one day, happen for them.  We must remember though that even in these fairytales and Hollywood films there is always an obstacle the two lovers must over come and it’s the same in life.  Whether it be an outsider trying to break them apart, an argument between to two of them, distance etc the protagonists always take a risk that brings them closer together in the end.  This is something I think we all need to remember when it comes to relationships.

While the optimists will walk out of the cinema with a smile from ear to ear ready to bump into their true love just like the actress in the film did, there will always be the pessimists who return home filled with disappointment and the belief that their happily ever after will never exist.  I personally have been both the optimist and the pessimist as I am sure we all have at some point. 

To the eternal optimist I say kudos! Never let anyone destroy your dreams of happily ever after because like the fairytales have told us from the beginning, good people deserve good things in life and love is definitely one of them.  To the pessimists- as hard as it may seem always try to keep a little positivity in your heart because if you cannot open your heart to let others in you will never find your “one true love.”  And to everyone- although happily ever after’s have been instilled into us from a young age, finding your one true love is not the definition of true happiness. 

I think that sometimes we need to take a step back and focus on the things that truly make us, as individuals, happy.  It could be something as simple as taking an art class, volunteering to help those in need, travelling the world or doing something outrageous like skydiving.  Whatever it is keep doing that because at the end of the day YOU are what is most important and it’s YOUR happiness that needs to be the focus and when you find that, who knows what might come of it!


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