Thursday, 10 May 2012

Feelings that are never recognized nor Acknowledged…

My heart beats out my chest as I cling to the possibility that you may want to be mine. I walk towards you from across the quad hoping that my confidence won’t fail me because today is the day I will confess everything to you. As I get closer I see a faint object walking towards you. My hearts sinks, I yell on the inside that this isn’t true that the two of you are only friends. But then you kiss him and I realize that my feelings for you, my friendship with you, my love for you was just a passing dream that held no significance. Not once have you ever mentioned her but then again have you ever mentioned me to anyone else? Not even from the beginning did I ever consider myself just your friend. I always had plans to become more than that with you, I had an alibi that never came true..


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