Friday, 18 May 2012


finding the true beauty in yourself is a landmark step every person takes. there is so much involved with each individual that when they stop trying to be like others, their beauty is finally given a chance to shine. 
there are moments where i judge myself, wonder if i am good enough. what it comes down to is who really cares? am i worried that i look a certain way for the people around me? why would i waste precious moments of my time concerned with others opinions? i shouldn’t worry about these petty issues. and i refuse to let myself succumb to these depressing thoughts. i am my own woman. i know what i want 90% percent of the time. i may not be right, but there is always time to learn what is right from wrong. 
looking back at the people i used to spend my time with in my early teens, i see that we have all changed and are discovering what makes us beautiful. each person may not have changed for the better but i don’t see many changes for the worse. choices made usually cannot be changed and to judge someone on a choice they made in the past is harsh. who they are today is what really matters. 
humans are creatures of habit and history does repeat itself. that said, a person’s past actions may reflect what can come in their future. but you cannot judge someone purely based off what you think may happen in their future. 
best scenario is to just worry about yourself and to be yourself. and if you are lucky enough to have found someone you want to spend forever with, you should probably worry a little about them too. but never change yourself to fit with a person. don’t fight to make something work. if its meant to be, it will be. if your beautiful lives are compatible then congrats. 
never be afraid to be an individual. its cliche but you do only live once. 
hope this made sense.


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