Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Aamir Khan's Revolutionary Show "Satyamev Jayate".

imageAamir Khan, one of the best Bollywood actors, has started his own TV show called “Satyamev Jayate” meaning “Truth Alone Triumphs/Prevails”. Through the show he aims to make people aware of the evils in the society and take steps to eradicate them. He covers social issues in India like Female Foeticide, Dowry, Child Abuse etc. What I like about this show is the amount of research done by the team to show the raw truth to the world. They look at an issues from various different aspects. They show cases of people who were a victim of these evils and at the same time they bring in people who fought against these evils. In today’s world where media and TV has become so powerful, shows like these can make a huge difference in making the society more aware and give them food for thought. The different case studies make people understand how people have suffered in their lives and how they can save themselves from such problems. At the end of the show, he tells people about the ways they can seek help legally and in some cases he himself takes the initiative to write or report to the concerned authorities by seeking people’s support through SMSes. The money earned via these messages goes for charity. Finally the show ends with a song, a very meaningful one sung by artists who are not very well known but are really talented. 
As always, Aamir is doing something very different, very meaningful and something that can add value to people’s lives. Be it his movies like 3 Idiots or this show, this man never fails to inspire people. Since all TV shows have some kind of “masala” in them to get people interested in the show, it might look like even these stories are fake or made up. But I feel that when we are ready to watch random reality shows (which definitely have “masala” in them) which are nothing but just pass time, we might as well watch a show like this which can change the way we think and help us make more informed decisions. Even if the show manages to make a difference to one Indian’s life per episode, this country can be a much better and developed place to live in! Stardom is a really powerful and its great to see people like Aamir use it for a bigger cause!    


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