Sunday, 15 April 2012


If we live long enough
We’ll look back and find
Surely there were times  
When life wasn’t kind.

For we can’t escape the challenge
Of adversity
Caught by surprise, without warning
It has found me.

Many times I cried
“This I don’t deserve”.
That’s” just the point, HE says
But my purposes I will serve.

Being left, alone and rejected,
Once sent me reeling
I was numb, non-functional
And without any feeling…

That God could be anywhere
Close enough to touch.
No, I felt nothing
And I didn’t care much….

About living, no,
I wanted to die
All I could do was
Stare into space, and cry.

But when you reach bottom
There’s nowhere to look but up
And gradually, ever slowly
God began to fill my cup…

With a new strength and courage
That regardless, I’d make it
And the feelings of despair,
I began to forsake it.

God had a purpose
In all this for me
He showed me things in my life
I needed to see.

When the unexpected comes
And throws us in pain,
Despair always says…
There is nothing to gain.

“ I will develop in you
What you need to get through
“ I am working in your behalf,
Because I love you”.

And God looks down,
And says, “I’m here”
Whether you don’t see, or feel me,
Whether or not you hear.

So when the trials of life come,
What is He trying to say?
“Put your faith in my hands
And I will lead the way.”

“I will enable you….
To survive….. and grow,
How else will you learn
To let MY strength show?”

“I know it’s not easy”,
With compassion He’ll say
“But lay your pain and hurt
At my feet today.”

I will build a testimony in you
Through your pain,
That says no matter what I endure
I know HE will sustain.

So, “ Come to me
I will give you what you need”
I know, I’ve been there
And He did it for me.


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