Sunday, 8 April 2012

ust saw Titanic and see things differently

Everyone wants to be older. To be wiser. To have more freedom. To have more responsibility, but it doesn’t always promise a great future. You have to be willing to accept defeat. You have to be willing to look fear in the face and challenge it. You are not going to just get what ever you want. You are not just going to live happily ever after, that is if you don’t fight for it.
Once you entered to ring called life, it will continuously try to knock you out. You can’t give up. You have to promise to yourself to never let go. To fight till the end.
Life may or may not be easy, but when you look back on the past you will want to see the valleys and hills that you have conquered. You won’t want to see the planes you had glided by with ease. Life is not meaningful without so type of fight for something you love


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