Friday, 20 April 2012

The power of God.......

We all need Gods strength in some part of our life, we all do, and God knows what parts. How does God see you now, tired, lonely, stressed, depressed, happy, or struggling with finances? God does not call us by our weaknesses, he calls us by the strengths that he sees in us. God not only sees us as what we are, but for what we to become, and over come.
Look at yourself and think about what you might become if you lean on the shoulder of God, not your own, what strengths will you gain? Can you imagine if you are a timid person being outgoing and talking to a stranger? 
Theres one thing for sure, whatever you considered for yourself to be strengthened, God has already considered it to.
Lord, I pray that you touch the hearts of those who have a weakness in there heart, for if they lean on your strength in stead of their own, they will be transformed in to warriors of God!


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