Sunday, 15 April 2012


Have you ever stopped to notice just how blessed you are?
God blesses everyone – from those in the hospitals, nursing homes, and even those behind bars
No matter how rough you think your situation may be
God is blessing you continually
Let’s think about it, He’s a friend to all who are without
He is hope to those who have doubt
He is medicine to those who are in pain
He brings sunshine where there are dark clouds and rain
He gives food to those who are hungry
He pays bills, even when there is no money
God is awesome, have you ever took the time to see?
He wakes you up, put clothes on your back, and food on the table; all of this without charging a fee
He just asks that you believe, have faith, and always pray
Because in spite of your hardships, He always makes a way
God’s beautiful blessings – I only named a few
So the next time you are having a bad day, just remember God is always blessing you


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