Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sometimes it takes courage to be a " FRIEND "

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Sometimes it takes courage to be a " FRIEND "
when someone just betrayed you. With forsaken event,
not minding all the things you had done, not realizing the value now was gone, with just a simple jealousy it gives away, the not so perfect friendship shattered and thrown away, without trying to fix the situation mix, instead, assuming everything done in own hand. Though situation crash my heart, I'm thankful for it shows the way. That its not how much you put efforts to the friendship you have, its how much you value each that counts the heart. Realizing how each differ from the other.......

To my Dear Best Friend, thank you for the time you shared, for the laughter and tears, for the happiness and sadness, for everything that you had done, I keep it in my heart and would treasure it forever.... sorry for the imperfection that you dont expect on me, sorry for not reaching your expectation too, sorry for im just " SIMPLE ME ". whenever you are right now wish you happiness and good healh... maybe I lost the bestfriend i considered had but i gain myself which i lost when I have you!!!


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