Tuesday, 14 February 2012

just this once...

Can I promise you that
I will devote my soul and heart,
even the mind where everything is
filed chronologically, logically, 
to you until the heart fails to run
and I exhale the final mark that would
end my life on this universe?
Like how all the sand in my hourglass pour
down towards loving every part of your soul,
I promise you all my days and seconds, 
the every pore of my being, every atom of my  
mind expanding towards infinity, the other side.
But just for today, I will love who I am. 
The day when all lovers and friends
around the world express their affections 
toward each other, 
I will not think of you, speak of you.
Today will be the day I live for me.
I will be my Valentine, you can be my forever.


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