Tuesday, 3 January 2012

my beautiful angel .......

403882_142763459168645_100003049753782_169959_919282815_n.jpg (240×320)When I need a shoulder, you are there.
When my heart is broken, you always care.
When I am lost or confused,
My right path you always seem to choose.

I cannot repay you or even try.
I owe you for every time you have patiently listened as i cried.
You made me smile when I was down.
Hopefully, you will always be around.

You are my stability.
You keep me sane.
You give me shelter from the rain,
And help me see the light again.

Without you I would be wet and drenched with my fears,
I wouldn't have anyone to wipe away my tears,
And tell me it's going to be alright.
With you, there is no end in sight.

You ease my pain and ease my soul.
You help give me the power to let go--
To let go of what hurts me.
Without you, where would I be,
... my beautiful angel from above


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