Saturday, 14 January 2012

JOURNEY "" ::::::::::

I'm taking a journey down life's pathway into a world unknown to me.
Unsure of the directions I must take but one thing I know for sure; I'm to walk by faith and not by sight as the world is known to do. I decided to walk down this life's pathway when I answered the Father's call from above.390254_148544568590534_100003049753782_184057_1168219722_n.jpg (240×320)

Everything going so smooth, I asked my Father to draw me close and make me more like His Son. Then all of a sudden my world turned upside down: test and trails that came my way and I didn't understand why? There is no way possible to walk this life's pathway that I have chosen for Him.

So discouraged and ready to give up from all the hurt and pain in my life, I know I have failed: it seems nothing turns out right. With tears in my eyes and with all of my heart, I cried out, "Father! This is not what I wanted nor is this what I asked for. Can't you see there is too much pain?"

Then I hear His soft gentle voice telling me, "Through the test and trails that I have sent into your life is to teach you to lean and trust in Me. Through test and trails I draw you close and make you more like MY Son." Now I'm beginning to understand why.

Still with all the test and trails I stumble, fall and at times I just want to give up. I still wonder why it has to be so hard; why can't I just run and hide? There is too much pain and heartache to continue on a journey down this life's pathway no matter how hard I try.

Again I hear that soft and gentle voice of my Father saying to me, "Don't be discouraged and don't give up for I have brought you this far. I have never left you, my child, and I will never leave you alone. I will go with you each step and every mile of the way, until your work is done."

With His words so gentle and softly spoken, now encourages me to stand tall. Through test and trails still come my way I know that I'm not alone and my strength is renewed each and every day. So no matter what may come my way, I will draw close to my Father and become more like His Son. Then when my journey down this life's pathway finally comes to an end; I know without a doubt, I will stand with Them through out all eternity.


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