Tuesday, 24 January 2012

‎::::::: I :::::::THINK:::::::OF:::::YOU:::::::

Make you think of me i cannot do , 
405539_152106164905203_100003174625180_216615_181486780_n.jpg (204×192)But yet I cease to think of you. 
Hugs and kisses to my love 
I do believe you've been sent from above. h
They say love is blind 
But I can see that to my heart you have the key. 
I hope you'll stay for just awhile because 
I love your personality and cant get enough of your style. 

Your love has put me to the test thats why 
You're different from the rest. 
Never thought I'd be trippin the way 
I do only because I'm deeply in love with you. 

My love for you is as high as the birds in the clouds 
As long as i feel this way i'll sing it out loud, 
Make you think of me I cannot do but yet 
I will try because of my love for YOU. 


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