Wednesday, 28 December 2011

unexplained feeling of love...

402850_140004909444500_100003049753782_160821_117852917_n.jpg (960×720)It’s an unexplained feeling that we all hope to find

That wonderful feeling that seems to boggle the mind

It makes your eyes hazy

It can make you carefree and lazy

It can make you or break you

It can make you happy or blue

Giddy, like a child at play

Looking for that feeling every single day

Love is an unexplained feeling

Something that leaves ones heart reeling

A special kiss, hug or smile

A kind word that goes the extra mile

A beautiful voice on the end of the line

It’s wonderful to know love so divine

Soaring up and down on the wings of a dove

That's the unexplained feeling of love.


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