Wednesday, 28 December 2011

embraced in each other's arms and hearts, forever.♥♥♥

398761_134995846616235_100003174625180_163892_805965169_n.jpg (180×320)As I sit there,
someone comes towards me
and grabs my hand.
I jerk back;
But you assures me
that you are here to help me
and love me.
You begins to caress my neck,
my shoulders, my back;
And I give in you
And I trust you
though I have only just met you.
And I touch you,
your soft, silky skin,
caressing on me.
Still sitting there,
You wraps your arms around me
and holds me
for hours on end -
And you tells me I cares,
something never before heard
by this lonely heart.
Now, as we lay there
on the beach, underneath the stars,
you soft, sensuous lips
touch mine.
You knows my every need,
desire -
And you fulfills
and satisfies
each one of these
as I have only dreamed.
Now as we lay there,
the sun begins to rise.
It is not just a new day,
but a new beginning
as we plan to spend
the rest of our lives
embraced in each other's arms
and hearts,

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