Monday, 21 November 2011

When You Tell Me That You Love Me.. ♥

I Wanna Feel This Way
Longer Than Time
I Wanna Know Your Dreams
And Make Them Mine
I Wanna Change The World..
317244_306960529333912_100000599030621_1105700_419207559_n.jpg (250×375)Only For You
All The Impossible
I Wanna Do
I Wanna Hold You Close
Under The Rain..
I Wanna Kiss Your Smile
And Feel Your Pain
I Know What’s Beautiful
Looking At You
Here In A World Of Lies
You Are The True..
I’ll Make You Safe No Matter Where You Are
And Bring You
Anything You Ask For
Nothing Is Above Me
I’m Shining Like A Candle In The Dark
When You Tell Me That You Love Me.. ♥


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