Tuesday, 1 November 2011

♥ Wedding Day. ...

I seriously can’t wait for my wedding day. 
The day our last names become exactly the same. 
It seems so magical and exciting. 
I’d wake up that morning, getting as much butterflies in my stomach.
310935_264200753615917_144324045603589_653742_1800832759_n.jpg (300×300)
I’d get so excited for the time where I put my wedding dress on, 
where I have the best make up on, 
where my hair is done up all neatly and permed. 
I want to look as handsome as I can, 
to make you feel in aww, like the very first time we met.
The whole time that I’d be getting ready, my heart would be racing fast. 
People would be seated at the wedding, 
music starts playing, 
and then I see you ♥ ..


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