Friday, 4 November 2011

MY L0V3 .................

BH.png&t=APHzqP-hMfM0UDwG_FIrx1ucrGPTdY2HPRVF6BHPOhTLLepkcou6qJpV89btnA5JBcIcq4CgFTjFWubyjMexdr4Egu0z4qwcLwAAAAAAAAAA (328×350)
My lov3 is like the sun that warms m3 wh3n I am c0ld,

And like the c0ol wat3r of the br0ok that refr3sh3s m3.
My lov3 kn0ws th3 secr3t pl3asur3s of my s0ul,

And d3lights with m3 in fulfilling th3m.

Wh0 is my l0ve but the s0ul of my s0ul,
_br04.gif (53×53)

And the r3ason f0r 3v3ry b3at of my h3art.

Wh0 fills me with lif3 in the j0y of her pres3nce,
_br04.gif (53×53)
And returns to me more than I have given.

Come t0 m3, my l0ve, I di3 with0ut y0u.

Each day is et3rnity, waiting for y0ur t0uch.

R3m0ve th3 tears fr0m my ey3s and th3 ach3 in my h3art,

_br04.gif (53×53)Be cl0ser than my br3ath, all my days, all my nights.