Sunday, 6 November 2011

Me ............... !!

OgAAAOTMyhF72Zdw09OwHzpvbPpGjQK-gubDu2taQg3DGQIKQbuPOcjwiodv2Ed1gazPNrDQbEmCV5mFZTERQaPo0e4Am1T1UBCAPmQGj7sLOfLOEVaobLqi0TVt.jpg (375×500)Everything That Comes Out Of Me is Authentically Mine,
Beacause I Alone Chose It (!)
I Own Everything About Me ;;
My Body, MyFeelings, My Mouth, My Voice,
All My Action, Whether They Be To Others Or Myself.
I Own My Fantasies, My Dreams, My Hopes, My Fears.
I Own My Triumphs And Successes, All My Failures And Mistakes.
Because I Own All Of Me.
By So Doing, I Can Love Me And Be Friendly With All My Parts.
I Know There Are Aspects About Myself That Puzzle Me
And Other Aspects That I Do Not Know -
But As Long As I Am Friendly And Loving To Myself,
However I Look And Sound, Whatever I Say And Do,
And Whatever I Think And Feel At A Given Moment In Time Is
Authentically Me.

If Later Some Parts Of How I Looked, Sounded, Thought, And
Felt Turn Out To Be Unfitting, I Can Discard That Which Is Unfitting,
Keep The Rest, And Invent Something New For That Which I Discarded.


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