Sunday, 6 November 2011

I Love You !!

I love your voice, You always make everything so much better.I want this to be perfect,just like you.   PQAAALdItFBGKHZNfqQqcuRvSHJk4PFoi1XSsEeFXD18POYkGpWA8pkNGpcyPNDGyH9nD6nv996fqEYMeq5g80id0kcAm1T1UJiB2c1EuMJy3nZ-o1rsEOK71wyA.jpg (500×334)

I never really knew you - You were just another friend - But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend.I couldn't help past memories - that would only make me cry I've fallen in love with you - and I'll never let you go , I love you more than anyone - I just had to let you know - And if you ever wonder why : I don't know what I'll say : But I'll never stop loving you ; each and every day - My feelings for you will never change ; Just know my feelings are true - Just remember one thing I Love You! : We may be far apart but, But nothing will ever tear us apart..


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