Saturday, 15 October 2011

"Unsaid Script . . . . "

The Thing I Never Said
302950_216176388439685_100001419755639_609449_3992617_n.jpg (500×374)That There Is S0mething In My Heart Which Is Unsaid,
I Can't Sleep WithOut Seeing Your Face
But When I Try T0 Say This, I Hesitate,
I Always LoOk At Y0u
But The Time Is Very Few,
Y0u Live In My Eyes
And I KnOw That After KnOwing This Y0u Will Feel Shy,
I Can't Tell Y0u That With Y0u I Feel Great
And I Beleive That Y0u Are Only My S0ulmate,
I'm Afraid In Asking T0 Y0u That Will Y0u Be Mine ?
But I Can't Understand That Y0u Can't Read It Fr0m My Eyes,
All These Are Unsaid By Me . . .


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