Saturday, 15 October 2011

An eastern strain !

BlackNightAngel.jpg (520×390)to that princes who amused  in the valleys  of Wales and Portmeirion 

An  eastern strain ! 

you sing Diana , in this night 
the lines , like a mercy rain !
fallen to my soul , the one 
wet my heart , the moment 

streams are of,  the time
flowing over,  the block
give me a drop , the red 
quenching drought of , the veins 

it's somewhere ' a 5 letter ' , my left 
it's been a long , get warmth and bloomed 
you sing ,  this night , right here
like an odd bloomed spring !

 moment, slotters to flashes , your tune 
 far away   vanishes ago , the 
waves  ! 
 this ecstasy , this fragrance , this shadow 
everything just ,  a bubble spectrum  !  
can you sing Diana, a billion nights, for me  ! 
fusing  souls with , aperiodic gazals !
you do sing Diana , to ma ear , again 
you sing ! benevolent chants ,  wet my heart ! 

About The Author :- This Post was written by Amarnath Sankar ‎ if you as also intrested in a guest post here mail me n

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